Offered services

Sporting Department
• Sporting facilities construction for any type of sports
• Sports Equipment Supplying of all types.
• Supplying and implementation of all types of natural and artificial grass.
• Sport pavement construction of all types
• Drafting, Directing and executing of any Management project.
• National and International Sport Event Organisation.

Hotel and Resorts Department:
• Whole Remodelling of Hotels and Resorts.
• Maintenance of: ACS’s, Fire Alarms Systems, etc…
• Power Improvements and Optimization of Resources.
• Viability Studies regarding Hotel management and Asset Management.
• Exterior and Interior Designing Project Management.
• Asset assessment and communication during acquisition and sale.

Engineering Department.
• Civil Engineering Project Development.
• Technical Equipment Maintenance.
• Industrial Supplies of all kinds.
• Different Infrastructure Development.
• Environmental and Power Eco-friendliness Development.
• Ecofriendly Powersources.