Current Developing Projects

Russian Federation Projects.
•  Currently undertaking negotiations with a well-known Russian business group, with the purpose of studying an engineering project related to sporting facilities and supplies.
•  Negotiations have started regarding the Football World Cup to be held in Russia during 2018.

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
• A dossier with a pre-budget and drafts for Sporting Facilities Development and Building has been handed to the Venezuelan government and has been approved for the construction and development of such sporting facilities nationwide. All such endeavours have been processed through the Venezuelan Embassy in Spain.
• Regular meetings to the highest levels are currently held to continue developing the project together with the Venezuelan government.

Catering, Hospitality and Hotel projects.
• Currently remodelling studies are being undertaken in different resorts across Spain.
• Final offers on Technical Equipment Maintenance are being delivered.
• We are currently on negotiation phase regarding a 5 Star Resort in Ibiza (Spain) which will be sold to a large investor.

Republic of Azerbaijan
• Currently negotiating with different interested parties in different business areas and creating solid links within the country.
• Professional trips to Bakú have taken place to analyse and cover the different needs of different customers, and ensure Freelance Global Company delivers the service needed.